1939 Packard …For Sale

1939 Packard 4 Door Touring Sedan  ***UN Restored***

 1939 Packard, 4-door, Touring,Sedan, 8-cyl….  Correct Blue Exterior Color with One Older Repaint Showing its Age with Some Dings, Scratches, and Peeling (In aGood Way)…..  Original Interior with The Exception of the Seat Covers (the seat surrounds, headliner, door panels, rear carpet, front mat, trim and dash are original)…..  The Engine Compartment is in Original Condition with Original Paint….   The Trunk Compartment is in Original Condition, with What Looks to Be an Original Tire and Tube….  Original Packard Oil Change Log Sticker Still Stuck to the Driver’s Side Door Jamb….. Great Old  Packard in UN Restored Original Condition…………………

Runs and Drives Nice….

Packard Motor Car Company – ID Plate Information:

Vehicle Number:                                   1292-I00I4

Delivered By:                                        Packard-Evanston

City:                                                     Blank               

Date:                                                   4-25-39

Body Dash#:          <499560>


Thank You


7 thoughts on “1939 Packard …For Sale

  1. Is the 39 Packard 120 for sale? If it is for sale, do you have more photos of the interior, engine, undercarriage? What is the asking price?


    1. Hi Tom….yes the 1939 Packard 120 is for sale…..I will email you additional pictures…

  2. Hello
    My name is Jose, I’m from Spain and would be interested in buying a Packard 120 of 1939, I could send more photos and confirm the price.


  3. I would expect this car has already been sold, but if it happens to still be for sale, please let me know. Thank you.

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